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Tuesday, January 30, 2001

This Wired article,Will the Hatemongers Survive?, is scary in its implications along with what it is reporting. I can see it being used to show a legitimate need for censorship of the Web.

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CNN.com is reporting That Southern California Edison took $4.8 billion in dividends and transferred those dollars to their parent company Edison International between 1/1/96 and 11/30/2000. The company is now claiming they can't pay their bills.

"Basically they took the money and ran," Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, D-San Francisco, said late Monday night. "Had they not done that they would not be in the financial problem they are in. If ratepayers bail them out, ratepayers should get something in return, like power lines or something."
If ratepayers don't bail them out then the ratepayers are going to be without power until another entity can take Southern California Edison's place. This is what happens when you kind of, sort of deregulate but leave monopolies in place.

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According to The Dallas Morning News Fairfax County, Virginia may make it illegal to sleep anywhere other than a bedroom. Okay, they are attempting to address a legitimate problem of cramming 27 people into a two room apartment but this is a poorly conceived solution to the problem.

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I'm sure all of you have heard of the Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Scams by now. I've seen faxes and hand written letters claiming to want help in moving $40,000,000 out of Nigeria using the recepient's bank account in exchange for some percentage of the money. I've wondered about contacting these people, just out of curiosity, without actually giving them any information to see where this is going. According to the above link, don't. These folks are involved in a scam that racks in billions every year. They are not above enticing you to Nigeria to kidnap you. The above link is an extremely interesting tale on a very interesting website.

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Flying can be scary for some people. Personally, I'm more terrified waiting for the plane to get into the air than I could ever be while actually flying. This AVweb NewsWire (29-January-01) explains why. Runway incursions are becoming an ever increasing threat to air safety.

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Do you lie to pollsters? Do you give out the number for the local weather recording when a sales clerk ask for your phone number just for the records? Well, bucko, this site may be for you. Rob's Giant BonusCard Swap Meet allows you to swap barcodes with other Giant Foodstore BonusCard users. Why would you want to do this? It's a privacy issue matter. The marketing people that want to give you a discount in exchange for data on your buying habits are going to go bonkers trying to figure out the demographics and shopping habits of these musical chair barcodes. You aren't a Giant Foodstore customer? No problem, Rob is attempting to expand this swap meet to other stores. All you need to do is scan your stores card and email the graphic to him.

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Monday, January 29, 2001

A report in The Register tells us that Microsoft may be able to learn, quickly, from its mistakes. It appears that they have offloaded at least some of their domain name services to Akamai Technologies whose DNS servers are geographically dispersed. Ironically these servers may be running Linux instead of Microsoft operating systems.

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I've got mixed emotions about the Airline Passengers Bill of Rights that is being brought up again in congress. The aviation industry is going through a time where demand is far outstripping their ability to supply. Buying more planes and building more runways isn't going to be all it takes to solve the problem. Pilots and flight crews and air traffic controllers are going to be needed to fly these new planes from one place to another and you don't train these people overnight. I don't see how customer service in the airline industry will ever get any better until the airlines are willing to admit up front that they may not be able to reliably get you to your destination on time.

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Just title this picture: Stupidity at Home Depot

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Thursday, January 25, 2001

Some stories are just too weird. From CNN, Man Accidentally Saws off Hand, Then Shoots Nails into Head.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Searching For the God Within reports on the research by scientist attempting to explain, from a physiological standpoint, religious experiences. I've attempted to start some discussion on this message board about different perceptions of "God". Maybe this article will spur the discussion on further.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Pillsbury Doughboy mauls techies. That's right: Just when you think the battle over domain names and trademarks can get no more ridiculous, Pillsbury goes and ups the ante. I think I'm just going to go find a rock to hide under. There is no way in the world that engineers having a protocol bake-off is causing any type of economic harm to Pillsbury.

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Monday, January 22, 2001

Cool. TheAmerican Library Association votes to challenge CIPA. While there is an awful lot of crap out here that kids don't need to have access to I know of no filtering software that doesn't also filter out content that our kids must have access to. I also don't like the fact that the filters will also filter out content that an adult will have access to or that there is no good way to apply age-appropriate filters for each session. Kudos to the ALA and I wish them luck.

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Okay, a few days ago I mentioned that scientist at Harvard had learned how to stop light. Actually what they did was trap light, not stop it. This paper, Entanglement of Atomic Ensembles by Trapping Correlated Photon States, describes what they are doing with light.

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Friday, January 19, 2001

Hmm, Fox News is reporting that In Deal With Special Prosecutor, Clinton Will Not Be Indicted. It looks like all the special prosecutor is looking for is an admission of guilt and a five year suspension of Clinton's law license. When was the last time he used that license?

"I tried to walk a fine line between acting lawfully and testifying falsely, but I now recognize that I did not fully accomplish that goal and that certain of my responses to questions about Ms. Lewinsky were false," Clinton said in a written statement read by his spokesman, Jake Siewert, at a White House briefing. "I hope my actions today will help bring closure and finality to these matters."
Well, at least that drama is over. I was getting tired of it.

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Harvard scientists say they've stopped light. Can anyone help me confirm this? If this is true the ramifications are huge. I can't understand why this hasn't been reported on every network news broadcast since it was released unless there is something wrong with the story.

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My good friend Topspin may be posting some stuff from time to time now.

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Okay, the good folks hosting my website are moving my site to a faster, more reliable machine. As with any move things don't always go as smooth as you like them and it looks like it is going to take a little while for the name servers to get caught up with the move. Please bear with me.

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Thursday, January 18, 2001

Mwahahaha, poetic justice, I love it. Infamous Spammer Spammed

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And God Said: Let There Be Net. This Wired article addresses a lot of the concerns I have for the Christian church. I have a problem with applying marketing principles to religion, even though the Church may be the originators or such principles.

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It's hard for me to find justification for it but, according to CNN.com, Wal-Mart was backed by the courts for firing employee who turned in photos of child abuse. I can understand Wal-Mart wanting to maintain confidentiality for their film customers but certain things, like child abuse, a customer should expect not to be kept confidential by Wal-Mart, or any other retailer.

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I've always liked those "This day in History" news items so when I saw that iSyndicate had them available from the New York Times I decided to add them as a sidebar to the Journal. Alas, they don't work today. I'll leave them for a day or so to see if this gets straightened out and if they don't I'll change the content of the side bar.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Hmm, this NATIONAL POST ONLINE News story has got me thinking. How is this really a privacy issue? We are talking about people out in public, showing their faces in public, in areas that are known to use video surviellence. I don't see the problem with digitizing the faces and comparing them to a mugshot data base. It does cause one to think of other applications. One could compare the faces of customers of retail shops to those of known shoplifters.

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What is he thinking! Judge Jackson's Remarks (washingtonpost.com) are sure to cause some backlash on the appeals. While I'm not a fan of MS I can't be happy that anyone has to face an openly bias judge.

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According to Brian's Belly - The Belly News, the habanero pepper has been dethroned as the world's hottest pepper.

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Something is disturbing about this article about "Food-eating robot is born". Is it really a good idea to build a robot that could consider us a fuel source?

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Tuesday, January 16, 2001

From the Politech mailing lists comes this reference to a Salem N.H. youth being arrested for putting up a website parodying the Salem Police Department. If you can't make fun of the police what is this country coming to?

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Friday, January 12, 2001

This article, OJR Web Gavel: End of Anonymity Without Liability?, attempts to make the connection between entering a secured, private website (logon/logoff) under false pretenses and viewing a public website as an anonymous visitor. I really don't see the connection.

As a visitor to a mall, I'm not required to identify who I am to gain entry while as a visitor to a manufacturing facility I may be. As an anonymous visitor to the mall I face no risk of being accussed of trespassing while I could face that risk at the manufacturing facility if they discover I'm not who I claim to be.

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Thursday, January 11, 2001

I guess it will never be over. CNN and some other major news organizations are taking another look at Florida's ballot inventory. They've retained an independent, non-profit research firm to count those disputed ballots again.

The National Opinion Research Center, affiliated with the University of Chicago, will evaluate the ballots and classify the marks or lack of marks on each. The firm will not try to determine whether a ballot contains a "vote," but will only describe the marks.
So we will still have the question of how many votes each candidate got because no one is going to agree which catagories should be considered an intent to vote.

While they are going through this recount it would also be interesting if they figured out how many of the votes were cast by dead people.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2001

It looks like the competition between Spain and Portugal to control Brazil is heating back up. This time they are attempting to buy the country.

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The Department of Justice has quick reference chart on Prosecuting Intellectual Property Crimes which includes strategies to use to ensure an "appropriate sentance." It sure is nice of them to offer this information in ways that will help me understand what I must do to ensure as little sentance as possible should I ever decide I want a career as an intellectual property pirate.

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Is Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson looking to give Microsoftmore reasons for appeal? I think if you threw Jackson and Gates into a room alone together it wouldn't be long before you started hearing, "I'm God! No, I'm God!" coming from it.

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Reuters Oddly Enough reports that a Poodle Attacks Pitbull, Sinks Teeth Into Owner. Never make fun of a person's dog. You never know what it is capable of. ;-)

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Also in the same AVweb NewsWire (08-January-01) it looks like Chicago's Meigs Field may still be alive for a while longer. It has just been placed on the National Air Transportation Association's (NATA) list of America's "100 Most Needed Airports."

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Remember the Concorde? Another report has been released by France's Air Accident Investigation Bureau (BEA) and according to a report in AVweb's NewsWire (08-January-01) the finger is definatly being pointed at Continental Airline's maintenance of a DC-10 that took off just prior to the Concorde. Faulty maintenance on an airplane always needs to be addressed but I don't think that a blown tire ought to result in the catastrophic failure that we saw in the Concorde crash.

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Monday, January 8, 2001

From SFGate.com comes this article (Electricity Makes, Breaks Silicon Valley/Unreliable supplies could kill expansion) telling us about a continued build up of high tech campuses in an area that has exhibited anything but reliable sources of power. As Dan Lyke at Flutterby has pointed out in this entry there is no real reason to house all the computers that Silicon Valley uses in the same geographical area as the employees are located. This looks like a possible opportunity for power-rich but tech poor areas of the country to share in the technology revolution.

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So in this Rumsfeld Denies Backing Slurs (washingtonpost.com) article are they saying that President-elect Bush's choice for Defense Secretary is either a "yes man" or a racist? Those tapes will get you every time.

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Saturday, January 6, 2001

Is 15 Too Young for Breast Implants?? Yes, and it isn't too old for the parents to be locked up for abuse. I really have a problem with this.

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Friday, January 5, 2001

Now this is just down right ridiculous. [ I N S I D E ] Wary of a Video Napster, Hollywood Plots a TV Crackdown tells of an "obliteration application" that is suppose to prevent HDTV signals from going anywhere other than where it is intended. How long would it take any of you to find a black market cable box to give you free pay-per-view? Between this, DeCSS and what the software industry went through with software copy protection devices it looks like the movie and TV industry would learn that it will only lead to an escalation of the technology to steal from them.

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A lady representing BellSouth? FastAccess Internet Service gave me a call last night to find out if I had heard about their broadband services and to find out if I had a computer. "Yes, yes and yes I'm interested", I replied. "Is it finally available to me?", I asked. "Let me see . . . , no," she said. Now why didn't she check that out before interrupting my supper? Now I know why. She didn't check because that was not what she was trained to do. Perhaps if she is a bright enough person with a good attitude toward her job she may have gone directly to her supervisor after our conversation and suggested that they begin doing that before making the call. I don't think she did. If she was that bright she would probably be doing something other than telemarketing.

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Thursday, January 4, 2001

This Wired article seems to first imply that the record companies have an effective new tool for catching people who are violating copyrights but goes on to explain how easy it is to bypass the tool. I think it would do the record companies good to study how software companies wrestled with copy protection schemes over the years before they waste too much money on unworkable solutions to their perceived problems.

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Robert W. Service is my favorite poet. I just found a database of his poems that has kept me from getting any real work done today. One poem, in particular, has been running through my head since I started looking through the entries in the database. My Cross could have been written yesterday as a lament of poets and songwriters.

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