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I found that many of the sites that I read have an RSS feed. It makes it nice to find out who has updated and if they updated with something of interest. Here are the current 'blogs I'm reading on a a fairly regular basis that syndicate their data via RSS. If you have your own feeds list in this format enter the URL in the box below to make this your own personal aggregator.

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Larry's Place
Crunching the numbers and researching the facts.
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Burger King Looks To The Great White North.
Burger King is looking to merge with Canada’s Tim Horton’s. I say good for them. I’ve always liked Burger King’s burgers, the vegetables on their burgers always seemed fresher than at other fast food places. And I’ve been in a … Continue reading →

Colorado lawmaker seeks marijuana tax review amid disappointing sales
Colorado is disappointed in their actual tax receipts for recreational marijuana. The projected a tax income of $33.5 million for combined marijuana taxes but actually only took in a little more than $12 million. They are blaming it on the … Continue reading →

Civilians in Abandoned McDonald’s Seize Control of Wandering Space Satellite
It sounds like the premise for a “B” movie but this if for real. A crowd-sourced group of researchers has turned an old abandoned McDonald’s into a command center for taking control of an abandoned NASA satellite. The satellite has … Continue reading →

We Build Cities For Cars, Not People
Dan posted the quote, “We build cities for cars, not people,” yesterday as a set up for his punch line, “which means we already serve robot masters, but not hyper intelligent ones.” However the quote intrigued me enough to google … Continue reading →

How Cable TV Illustrates the Pitfalls of Pure Libertarianism
My wife shared this on Facebook last week and I meant to comment on it then but never got around to it. Then yesterday Dan shared the same article on Flutterby and I started to comment on it there but … Continue reading →

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accusation is not guilt
Dan Lyke: Mark A. Hershberger ‏@hexmode:Acquitted by DNA after 30 yrs in prison. Scalia refused to hear case b/c crime was "so heinous."Who's heinous now? http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09...ay-be-freed-after-dna-tests.html

triple-play for pay
Dan Lyke: RT Dan Gillmor ‏@dangillmor:How routine political corruption has become: Chicago mayor got $100k from Comcast before backing TWC buyout. http://www.ibtimes.com/chicago...-comcast-boosting-merger-1676264

Trusting the cloud
Dan Lyke: RT Joan Arkham ‏@JoanArkhamSo, I'm supposed to trust "the cloud"for all my banking and work documents, but not for boobie or hoo-ha pics. Got it.

Your phone is a weapon
Dan Lyke: "I’m talking about the fact that people won’t feel the same way about their phones after this. Your phone is no longer a part of you. It’s a weapon, pointed at you."Thinking a bit about how Polaroid and the short heyday of digital photography were the circumstances in which we controlled our imaging.

operational pgp
Dan Lyke: operational pgp. So you're already using one laptop solely for email, with only vetted open source software on it, and you want to know how to minimize your risk in using encrypted email? Start here.

The cloud, victim shaming, and naked pictures
Dan Lyke: Forbes: Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn't A 'Scandal.'It's A Sex Crime.I sincerely hope that absolutely none of the victims involved in this current leak takes any form of “responsibility” or apologizes for anything. The victims involved have committed no crime and committed no sin by creating said photos in the first place or in “allowing” them to be stolen. What occurred yesterday is a theft and a crime, plain and simple. It is a personal violation of a prurient nature, with photos of an explicit nature that were intended for private or personal use now unleashed online for anyone to see, for free no less. ...Ya know what would be awesome? For some of those truly draconian copyright laws to get used in this case...Also, RT ‏@dotpeople:"There is no 'cloud', it's simply a bunch of hard drives you don't own being operated by people you don't know."http://arstechnica.com/securit...-teach-you-about-cloud-security/

Office-mates are discussing TV news
Dan Lyke: Office-mates are discussing TV news. Television was "don't read the comments"before "don't read the comments".

Dan Lyke: Wow, using a jackhammer sure does funny things to pedometer counts.

Remember the You Will ad
Dan Lyke: Remember the "You Will"ad campaign? Interesting to see how we had to work around AT&T to create these things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MnQ8EkwXJ0

21 years of the eternal September
Dan Lyke: 21 years of the eternal September.

Grand Ayatollah Issues Fatwa Stating
Dan Lyke: Grand Ayatollah Issues Fatwa Stating High Speed Internet is against Sharia. The U.S. must be most holy. http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2014/08/makarem-internet/

When I ran network & phone
Dan Lyke: When I ran network & phone, we said we'd only do it once, so I carefully routed & stapled wires. Betcha saw that coming before I did. Sigh.

Dan Lyke: Huh. I guess re-crimping a cable while it's still plugged in to the Power Over Ethernet injector is a bad idea.

Some wood
Dan Lyke: Some wood, some epoxy, a rock: door stop

wonders of the Internet
Dan Lyke: The wonders of the Internet: Learning that the part I'm about to buy for $80 quantity 1 goes for $23.75 each quantity 12.

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Jonathon Delacour
the heart of things
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Appropriation Art and Walker Evans
Appropriation Art appears to be the topic du jour. Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer devoted two posts to what James Danziger had called “the biggest photographic mystery of the 2008 [US] election”: who took the original photograph that Shepard Fairey used as the source for the Obama HOPE prints? [edited for clarity] Reading the [...]

Cotoneaster Berries
Campbelltown, 1984

Windsor, 1984

Travelling on Foot
In my teenage years, desperate to bridge the gap between hope and fear, I would walk long distances. When I “should have been studying”, I would walk for hours. Perhaps, if I had been more willing to participate in team sports, I might have been too sore and weary to be so deeply troubled by [...]

As I sat in the theater a few nights ago with my friends, G and P, desperate for 300 to end, I kept thinking of John Robb’s description of the film as absolutely amazing… So unrelentingly great that it has earned a permanent place in my top 10 movies of all time. Wherein lay the [...]

Hello world!
It’s been two years to the day since my last post. I’d intended to come back to weblogging before this–especially since Dave Rogers predicted that I would “post something” before the end of 2006. For, even though I wasn’t writing for my own weblog, I never stopped reading weblogs. In fact, weblogs have been my [...]

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Scott Andrew | Singer-songwriter guy
Scott Andrew lives in Seattle, makes stuff for the web, writes songs and plays in bands. He thinks you're pretty cool.
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Car Trouble notes: “Come Down”
“The highest treason a crab can commit is to make a leap for the rim of the bucket.” — Steven Pressfield Come Down by Car Trouble I cribbed the title of this song from a Songfight challenge years ago. I came up with the signature guitar riff ages ago, probably back in 1995, after which […]

Car Trouble notes: “The Ride”
This is a song about riding motorcycles! The Ride by Car Trouble I’ve never been on a motorcycle and I likely never will. I don’t trust myself in anything that isn’t already a giant steel coffin on wheels and I certainly don’t trust anyone else to be cautious in their own giant steel coffins while […]

The Kirby Krackle fan club Patreon campaign is really happening and YOU are making it happen
The Kirby Krackle Patreon campaign is rollin’ strong and we’re nearly halfway to our first milestone. If we hit $800 per song, all contributors get the entire KK catalog for free. All five studio albums plus our live album, delivered digitally. In addition to all the other stuff they’re already getting! Our deepest thanks to […]

Car Trouble notes: “Shake You Off”
I mentioned earlier that the Car Trouble songs were written in a fit of inspiration following a Bob Mould concert. It’s probably fitting that one of those songs is about Bob Mould, kinda. Shake You Off by Car Trouble I wrote the guitar riff to “Shake You Off” in the days following the concert. Sometime […]

Kirby Krackle fan club now at Patreon
Kyle has launched a Patreon campaign to help fund the creation of new Kirby Krackle music among other things. We hope you’ll check it out. It’s basically a subscription that lets you make a small donation every time we release something new. You’ll get new songs and other stuff from Kyle and the band before […]

New single from Explone, “The Ballad Of…Wait, Who?”
More new music, this time from Explone. Feast your ears on our new single, the “Ballad of Murtzuphlus“: Ballad of Murtzuphlus by Explone Murtz-a-what? He’s a 12th-century Byzantine emperor who ruled Constantinople for a few crazy months when everyone was running around committing treason and putting out each other’s eyes and stuff. The city was […]

Introducing: Car Trouble, my solo rock project
I’d like to introduce you to my newest musical thing: Car Trouble. One day in September 2012, brain exploding from seeing Bob Mould perform at a nearby club for his Silver Age tour, I came home from work, grabbed my Telecaster and recorded a half-dozen rock riffs into Garageband. Three of them became complete songs, […]

Watch Apocalypse Kow perform Kirby Krackle’s “In Another Castle” a capella

Playlisted! Bob Mould, “Hey Mr. Grey”
AHHHHH NEW BOB MOULD SONG. Clocks in at a lean 2:03. I’ve written about Mould (and Hüsker Dü) before, but I’ve got some more Mould-related stuff coming your way soon.

You Won’t Believe What This Seattle Rock Band Did With This Rihanna Song — But You’ll Love It
We Found Love (Rihanna) by Explone Desperate times call for desperate blog headlines. But hey, new Explone song! And yes, it IS a Rihanna cover, the first in a series of singles we have lined up for release this summer ahead of a new album called Suicide Fences. We’ve been working on these songs in […]

Playlisted! Vibragun, “Dream Disintegrate”
Shoegazey rock from Seattle. This is their single, but the whole album is really great. If you liked the Cheatahs track I posted awhile back, this is in your wheelhouse. So great! Vibragun by VibraGun I want Explone to do a show with them. Seriously, who said there are no rock bands in Seattle anymore?

Playlisted! Howler, “Don’t Wanna”
via Howler – Don’t Wanna – YouTube. Heard on KEXP during a morning drive. Love the 80s C60 cassette aesthetic. Apparently they’ve already got a kazillon fans. KEXP is currently the only thing keeping me from falling completely off the cultural cliff when it comes to music. Never thought I say this, but listening to […]

Monday Reads
Leaflet – An Open-Source JavaScript Library for Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps. The Art of Sycra Yasin – Concept art, Caricatures, Life drawing. Noted here mostly for his great resources section and oodles of YouTube tutorials. The Rosanna Half Time Shuffle by Jeff Porcaro The late drummer of Toto demonstrates the beat behind their biggest hit. (RIP)

Nothing worse than Seattle springtime
Horrible, horrible.

KK greatest hits preorder now a thing that is happening
Emerald City Comic Con is happening next week, which means the 4th annual Kracklefest nerd music concert is nearly upon us. Kirby Krackle, The Doubleclicks, Death*Star hip-hop and special guests. Get your tickets now. Now, I say! This week we’re also announcing the impending arrival of Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1, a stupendous compendium (stupendium?) of […]

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